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56st Memorial Olivier Barras


56th Memorial Olivier Barras

Tournament schedule - June 30th to Jully 2nd 2020


Playing mode

  • 54 holes, stroke play​


  • 20 Swiss PGA professionals
  • 40 professionals
  • 15 Ladies Amateur (handicap limit 12)
  • 3 invited Ladies Amateur
  • 57 Mens Amateur (handicap limité à 7)
  • 9 invited Mens Amateur

Cut after 2 rounds

The 25 best professionals, the 25 best amateurs and the 9 best ladies will be qualified for the final round.

​Registration fee

  • CHF 180.- or EUR 180.-

​Prize money for the professionals

  • CHF 15'000.-

​Prizes for amateurs

  • 3 gross and 3 net Mens
  • 3 gross and 3 net Womens
  • 1 gross Senior

The best MEN amateur and the bes PRO will be qualified for the 





  • In the amateur category, priority to the 1500 of the WAGR and then the actual handicap on Monday June 22nd 
  • In the womens amateur category, priority to the 1000 of the WAGR and then the actual handicap on Monday June 22nd 
  • Swiss PGA professionals have to register through the Swiss PGA
  • Swiss Amateurs (Mens and Womens) havve to register through ASG
  • Registration deadline, Monday June 22nd 
  • All other have to register by filling out the registration sheet below :

This tournament counts for the World Amateur Golf Ranking



Pro-Am du monday June 29th  - Sponsorisé par BIZJET


  • 30 teams


The Pro-Am will be a stroke play competition played under the "European Tour Scramble" format. It will consist of 30 teams of 1 professional and 3 amateurs with the NET AGGREGATE TEAM SCORE IN RELATION TO PAR counting at each hole. The amateurs handicap is reduce to 24, each amateur will receive 3/4 of their allowance, up to a maximum of 18 shots.

On each hole the professional will select the best tee shot and all players will play their second shot from this position (including the professional if his is the best tee shot). Thereafter each player will complete the hole with his own ball. Professional alvay have to play their balls. They cannot play from the best tee shot hit by an amateur. Par (net) is the worst score that the team and/or any player can record on a hole but all 4 players can contribute to the team score by recording a net birdie or better.

NB: As soon as a player cannot contribute with a net birdie or better, he/she should pick up.


  • 1 professional player and 3 amateurs

Registration fee

  • CHF 120.- per amateur (green-fee not included)

Prize money for the professionals

  • CHF 3'700.-

Prizes for the amateurs

  • 3 net and the special prizes

Registration deadline

  • Thursday June 25th  2020


Priority to professinals who participate in the Memorial Olivier Barras