Good to know

On the tee

  • Tee 1, arrive 10 minutes before your tee time, prepare your tees, ball marker and pitch-mark repairer. Mark your balls to identify them more quickly if lost.
  • Carry a spare ball in your pocket.
  • During friendly games, play from tees adapted to your level. You are here to enjoy yourselves and the course.
  • Watch not only your ball, but also those of others, remember where they landed by down using fixed points (trees, etc.).
  • During friendly games, the first who is ready plays his shot, even if he does not have the honor.
  • Play your shot once the group in front are out of reach. Let the shortest hitters play first.
  • Limit conversation until you have left the tee.

On the fairway

  • Walk quickly between shots.
  • If a ball looks like it's lost or out of bounds, play a provisional.
  • Leave your trolley or golf cart at a distance and carry the number of clubs needed with you.
  • Without presenting a risk or danger, go up to your ball even if it is in front of those of others.
  • Help looking for lost balls, after playing your shot, even if it is in front of those of others.
  • Let faster players go through, but only if there is a gap in front of you.
  • Think about your next shot, when you walk up to your ball, or while the other players play.
  • Play your shot without delay. A single practice swing and a short routine, will improve your game.
  • No lessons during a game.
  • In a bunker, collect the rake before entering. Enter the bunker by the shortest path and the less steep.

On the green

  • Place your bag between the green and the next tee in order to avoid having to retrace your steps.
  • The player closest to the hole tends the flag, but without removing immediately, so that the players further away can locate the hole.
  • The first player to put out tends the flag until the end of the hole.
  • Repair your pitch-mark and any others that you might find.
  • Mark your ball if it hinders or play first. During friendly games whoever is ready putts first and continues until they have finished if possible, also give short putts.
  • Study your line while others are putting.
  • At the end of the hole, leave the green quickly, talk about your shots, calculate and mark your score on the way to or on the next tee.
  • During stableford, lift your ball if you are unable to make any points.